Bearded Sugar Skull Mask Puppet


Sugar Skull Mask Puppet

MASK SPECS: This is a single layer, stretchy mask with soft, behind the ear holes. The fabric is the same as our athletic wear, sweat-wicking, double knit interlock poly spandex. Content:88%Polyester-12%Spandex

FIT: Choose the S/M for smaller faces (often Females). Choose the Adult Large for larger faces (often Men). The Adult Large is a safe bet for ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL option. Once you get your mask, to make it fit tighter, add a string from ear hole to ear hole around the back of your head. Do the same thing to loosen it but don't hook it over your ears.

Wearing your mask snugly is recommended. This not only seals the mask better, but it adds an additional opportunity show off your smile. That's why I can them "Mask Puppets". What I mean is that, one can ACTUALLY SEE my smile when I wear this tightly.

This mask is great to wear over an N95 mask too. Washable. Graphic outside. Black inside. Can be hand or machine washed. Dries in the sun very quickly.

IMPORTANT: We are making these ONE-AT-A-TIME, as quickly as possible ...but with attention to details. Orders will ship in order of receipt.

Please note that due to the personal nature of this item, we do not accept any returns, unless they arrive damaged or defective.

How To Wear This Mask: Make sure your mask and your hands are CLEAN when you put the mask on. Just advice....but do not stick your fingers underneath the clean mask to put it on or to remove it. Take it off by pulling off of one of your ears....then clean it again before reuse.

USE DURING: Air Travel, Pet Grooming, Nail Salons, House Cleaning/Dusting, Garden work, Crafting. Masks are sewn from high-quality dense cotton or poly jersey and can be machine washed.

Our masks are not medical masks and, if used alone, offer only a minimal physical barrier. We make no medical claims with regard to their usage. Our masks are not CDC approved.

Hand wash or machine wash gentle cycle (up to 90 degrees Celsius). Hang dry or tumble dry.
Reshape whilst damp. No ironing required

We will ship your item USA post within 1-7 days.

DELIVERY: Shipping time depends on your location and economy or express option. Heads up, USPS is overwhelmed lately taking longer than usual. 

Rest of the world: 6-21 working days.