Well, hello there! Looks like we've got a real character in the house. Meet Tanja,  the mastermind behind ShapeShifterZ. And let me tell you, this gal's story is wilder than a pro-wrestling computer geek dressed as a Xena look-alike.

It all started with a usually shy, alcohol-fueled Xena costume made of paper mache for the company party. All night she stole beers and was close to winning a huge Halloween costume contest...until she threatened to maim the entire audience, including her boss. Yeah, you heard that right. But hey, what better way to climb the corporate ladder quickly?

A year later, this genius gets called to a pro wrestling casting call. And get this, they didn't think she'd make the cut because she wasn't a professional athlete or actress. Like, have they not heard of the magic of pretending to hit someone with a chair? Come on, people!

But this gal's got grit. After a few knocks to the head, she wanted to create a secret second wrestling persona, so she hand-painted a muscular gargoyle bodysuit that was safe enough to actually wrestle in. I mean, who needs safety precautions when you've got abs of stone?

Unfortunately, the show ended before she could use the costume. But did she let that stop her? Hell no. She wore it in a 13k costume race called BayToBreakers. That's the famous race where runners wear wild costumes and the old-timers run it in the nude. And let me tell you, her booty was painted on for all to see. Disturbingly, even gramps, in the flesh himself, couldn't resist asking where he could get a costume like that.

When peeps started asking her to make costumes for them, she had a lightbulb moment. She could use her graphic design skills to make costumes that were graphically flattering (aka with muscle tone), comfortable, streamlined, and made with the best sweat-wicking 4-way stretch fabrics available. And just like that, ShapeShifterZ was born.

So, in summary, this gal's a designer - turned wrestling reject - turned costume designer extraordinaire. And her costumes are so good, you might just forget that wrestling isn't all about smashing chairs over someone's head. Okay, maybe not. But the costumes are still damn cool.

The company design policy is about strength. Strong body. Strong mind. Strong sense of humor.


ShapeShifterZ® is an athletic clothing brand founded in Santa Monica, California. We create goods for athletes that want to enhance the competitive experience, express an inner confidence and outright sense of humor, yet match the demands of modern fitness.