We'll kiss your booty if you make ours look good....of course it will in our kickass performance, comfy ShapeShifterZ gear.  Born and bred in LA, our costume sportswear line is just getting off the ground. We boot strapped the hey out of it and are really glad we did. Want to join our team as a Brand Ambassador?


Follow @ShapeShifterZco.
Place “@ShapeShifterZco AMBASSADOR” in your bio section.
For every 10 people from your network that purchase an item from our website – you will be gifted $100 ShapeShifterZ gear credit! (up to $1000...at this point....Let's talk, have coffee and get you in one of our fashion shows!) Email us for a code to give your followers for a 10% Discount Reward code from you.

Each of your 10 contacts must use your custom Referral Code or they must email us with their order # and your name as a “reward referral”.

As soon as the 10th or 20th person has purchased their ShapeShifterZ gear, email us and let us know what you want. We will have to confirm all purchase Referrals from the customer first(especially if a Referral Code is not used).

Please NOTE: This is currently a non-paid/non-gifting position.
Sponsorship and collaborations are encouraged for Influencers with 100K+ followers.
If you do have over 50k followers, email us with a link to your IG page. IF, your brand works well with our vision we will send you a discount coupon for gear....(IF we can). Heads up, certain times of the year we cannot.
There is no purchase necessary to be an ambassador.
There is no commitment to either party.
THANK YOU for wanting to join the team.