ShapeShifterZ launched in Los Angeles as an exclusive technical sportswear, costume and lifestyle brand in August of 2013. Originally sold exclusively online, the brand is now sold direct to consumer worldwide. Brand awareness rocketed following Derrick Johnson's gold medaling completions while wearing photo/news worthy custom performance singlets.ShapeShifterZ has maintained a strong design ethos - to produce quality, high performance products that respond to the challenges of sport with the strength and grace demanded by the wearer. 

Creative Director/Founder and Lead Designer, Tanja Richter founded the label, with the concept of incorporating fun and expressive ready-to-wear into technical athletic-wear. Born in Los Angeles, Tanja studied at California Polytechnic with a bachelor of science in graphic technologies. Mostly self taught i the world of active wear textile science.Mostly self taught in the world of fashion, she is not hindered by it's status quo and rules of engagement. A former texture map designer for Digital Domain, she trained with some of Hollywood's elite entertainment industries most influential special effects masters. Personality, athleticism and timing propelled her in the limelight as a professional wrestler on television's Women of Wrestling. Behind the scenes, she made costumes for her vignette videos and some of the series other characters. 

Eventually, Tanja combined her love of costume creation and technical skills as a digital artist with her understanding of athletic performance to conceptualize the prototypes for ShapeShifterZ. She draws on her knowledge of technical and stretch fabrics and the inspiration of her personal commitment to an active body and mind. Her designs express that inspiration stylistically and functionally for the uniquely ShapeShifterZ blend of fashion, art and wearable fashion fabric technologies. 

Photo by Patrick Bennett Photography in collaboration with Essentia Water's photo series on 'Over Achievers' with on unending thirst for success.