Men's ShapeShifterZ® 'BEAST' Bodysuit - Sportswear/Costume - Red Beast/Demon/RedDevil


You found the best darned costume you will EVER wear! It's comfortable, cool and mega flattering and scary as Hell. You'll wear it year after year ('cause you are evil). Heads up, it's moisture wicking so go ahead and sweat! You can wear it on stage, in a marathon, in a dessert danceathon and even in a lake.

SPORTSWEAR TECH: Fabrics are made of sweat wicking Poly-Spandex Tricot with MaxDri Moisture Management Technology. Keeps the body dry and cool during sports activity of all kinds. It has a MicroBlok Anti-Microbial finish. 83%Poly-17%Spandex.

NOTE: Graphic wings and tail are printed onto the back of the suit. Bodysuit zips up in the back. 

Made in the USA    Please allow up to 2 or 3 weeks for production, processing and preparing for shipping.