Woman's ShapeShifterZ® 'ZOMBIE DRESS'


Dead tired of looking for a cute couple's costume? Well crawl your way into this easy, stretchy costume. Just paint your face (poorly) then maybe rub some slop and blood on your arms and legs. Sniff some lavender to slow you down and your set. This dreadful little dress is a perfect hybrid sweat wicking fabric and intensive textile design.

SPORTSWEAR TECH: Fabrics are made of sweat wicking Poly-Spandex Tricot with MaxDri Moisture Management Technology. Keeps the body dry and cool during sports activity of all kinds. It has a MicroBlok Anti-Microbial finish. 83%Poly-17%Spandex.

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Made in the USA Please allow up to 2 or 3 weeks for production, processing and preparing for shipping.

Order early. Shipping will triple during a zombie apocalypse.

 ShapeShifterZ® cross promotes Zombie Family Movie with Rhovit at ComiKaze