Cheetah Costume Gloves | Faux Fur


Cosplay -Printed Faux Fir Cheetah Gloves


Bodysuits sold separately.

Figure Enhancing Design - Our printed graphic designs highlight and contour the human figure with optical techniques founded in the film and fashion industries. Customers often say that they look and feel so good while wearing our suits that their body image, confidence, and even posture naturally improves. We call that ShapeShifting, and it can give athletes and performers a motivating edge. What effect will it have on you? Whatever it is, you’re going to look seriously good.

Great Fit These gloves are comfy and stretchy.

Advanced Fabric Tech - Our products are made from double-woven poly spandex tricot with a MicroBlok anti-microbial finish and moisture wicking action.

Durable - While we haven’t perfected superhero indestructibility in our products, it’s getting there! Our suits are designed for athletic and performance activities.

Care - To wash, turn your suit inside out and toss it into the washing machine. Hang or tumble dry on low heat. Do not iron!

Processing Time - Good things take time! Once your order is received, it will be ready to ship within one week. If you need your product sooner, let us know and we will likely be able to accommodate.