Women's 'PopStar' Faux Sleeve Singlet



You're a PopStar Baby! Retro/Futuristic Xanadoo styling will give you extra power to get those weights overhead with flare. Check out the oh-so(not) subtle optical illusion created with graphic illustration...they are body contouring. This singlet is sleeveless, yet sort of sleeved. It's faux sleeved.

Our singlets are single ply but the extra elastic straps on this suit overlap. If you intend to wear it for competition, let us know and we will make it one strap across the back. Some competitions do not allow overlapping fabrics.

• Sweat-wicking Poly-Spandex Tricot
         with MaxDri Moisture Management Technology.
• Keeps the body dry and cool during sports activity of all kinds.
• MicroBlok Anti-Microbial finish.
• 83%Poly-17%Spandex.

Made in the USA 

Please allow up to 2 or 3 weeks for production,
processing and preparing for shipping.


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