Winner of Miller Lite's "On-the-Spot" pitch contest

Winner of Miller Lite's "On-the-Spot" pitch contest!

So...I rep'd ShapeShifterZ tonight at Miller Lite's #tapTheFuture event. Ended up getting picked to spontaneously pitch and won the 2 minute "On-the-Spot" pitch contest!

Tip: Plastic cards get pulled out of hats with tons of paper cards.

Tip: Wear a company costume under dress jacket to every event. Reveal it on stage.

Tip: Don't loose it on stage in front of Daymond John and his co-judges....Check, check, check. I did just fine. I won!



Thank You for the pictures from Jason Okuma, Los Angeles Social Media Tech Influencer.





June 28, 2014 by Tanja Richter