Cheer Costumes and Uniforms

Beast the Competition

How do winners look in competition? Sometimes they look like angry gargoyles. Sometimes like wispy trees dancing in the wind. Bring home the trophy or not, your team will have a blast in comfort in custom-designed cheer uniforms and costumes by ShapeShifterZ. You name it. If we can make it comfortable and dance-ready, we will do it!

There’s no doubt you’ll look great in these. Now all you have to concentrate on is doing your best. When performing your stunts and cheers, you’ll look and feel amazing! Constructed of premium tech-sport fabrics and materials, our cheer uniforms are sweat-wicking, stretchy and comfy. Available in a wide range of rich colors and styles, our selection of cheer uniforms will ensure all eyes will be on you when you hit the floor. At Motionwear, we provide various options for custom lettering to tailor your cheer uniform for your team. Choose from our existing designs. Customize one of them. Or straight out ask for something unique. We can custom fit any design you choose to fit ANY member of your team.

Now, go get them!

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Custom costumes for television's Women of Wrestling Entertainment

ShapeShifterZ designer, Tanja(me) literally wrestled my way into the job title of being one of the official costume designers for Women of Wrestling ( this year. Sure, some costumes designers go to fashion design school. Other's, the cool ones that is, convert from being a professional wrestler on the television show to a behind the scenes costume designer. I used my experience as athlete and pro wrestler to create costumes that I knew (would generally) not bunch, crunch, tuck or pull into the whilst wrestling in the ring.

The process was time-consuming and tedious but totally worth it. David McLane has done it once again!

Razor - Her design wit is a sharp as her wrestling skills. Tanja presented the pieces of this costume. Razor cut them up....jacked them up. Tanja fixed them and pulled it all together. Yep, wrestlers tend to fight....but it's all good. truly insane. After many costume trials, she finally settled on a design but was and still is, wearing her shirt backward! She's crazy! Prefers it that way. 

Jungle Grrl - Costume deemed 'too sexy', brought out her more than the wild side.

Selina Majors - All American champion wrestler demands RESPECT! Got it. Lost it. Got it back again!

Jessie Jones - Don't tell her what to wear while she's wraslin....nope, not a spelling error. This country girl says she doesn't wrestle....She wrassles!


Tappin' out....not really 

November 01, 2017 by Tanja Richter