5 tips from How Design to help your team stay inspired and engaged:

Here are 5 tips from How Design to help your team stay inspired and engaged:

  • Focus on collaboration rather than competition. There are some areas of business, such as sales, where a high level of competition brings out the best among colleagues. Design isn't one of them. In-house creative professionals, for the most part, are at their peak when they're working with - not against - each other. When there's a spirit of teamwork and a free flow of ideas in the office, the results are high-quality designs and happy employees.
  • Make 'em laugh. Although the idea of the "hilarious boss" can cause some people cringe, humor is an important part of a highly creative work environment. When used well, it can strengthen relationships, reduce stress and make it easier to address difficult topics.
  • Get staff outside. When brainstorming about how to motivate employees, don't forget the restorative power of nature.
  • Provide professional development opportunities. One of the biggest frustrations for creatives is to feel they've peaked professionally and creatively. Managers wondering how to motivate employees need to stay on top of this by ensuring that their designers are continually learning.
  • Talk about successes - and failures. When someone does a great job, it's a big deal. Get employees to stop what they're doing, talk about what went right and celebrate! Everyone wants validation for creativity and hard work.

This is an excerpt from HOWDesign.com, read the full article here.

January 04, 2016 by Tanja Richter
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