Happy Halloween: Voodoo Doll Photo Love Story


Happy Halloween: Voodoo Doll Photo Love Story


Posted by Blogger/Artist: Lalanii @Lalanii Full blog post>> click here


Photographer: @mistaheiser 

Once upon an unhappily ending there was a dark faerie named Layla Rochelle. 

 When she set her sights on anything she wanted, she would soon have it.

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You are a brilliant designer and I love this frikkin' suit.

All of your products are fantastic and ideal for working out! 

Additional thanks to: 
Retail Team: @ShapeShifterZ 
Photographer: @mistaheiser - thanks Andy I love you! 
Designer: @stephanietakemotoart - Steph, your banners are fire!
Mua: @infinitebeaut_t - My image comes alive in your hands. Thanks!

Want your product featured? Email: editors@lalanii.com! 

October 13, 2017 by Ari Litvak
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