Social media absolutely loses it over the first episode of Australian Ninja Warrior

Australian Ninja Warrior Celeste Dixon in custom ShapeShifterZ Zebra Legging and Tank Top

"Social media absolutely loses it over the first episode of Australian Ninja Warrior", so says article below. I'd like to take full responsibility for that but I guess making just one of the costumes can't take that claim in full. BUT, hey, have you every seen such an amazingly colored flying Zebra before? Actually that's Celeste Dixon, the circus-loving, pocket-rocket Olympic gymnast from Adelaide, who has represented both SA and Australia in Gymnastics. That's pretty cool.

Check her out at or on instagram @smallfryninjacel
Celeste reached out to us for a custom zebra leggings and a tank for her competition. We obliged and added it to our product line. >>Colorful Zebra Leggings

JULY 9, 2017 9:49PM(Aussie time)

Staff WriterNews Corp Australia Network

Australia's Channel Nine’s big new television showAustralian Ninja Warrior, delivered pure entertainment to viewers across the country in flashy and physically challenging fashion from stripper costumes to colorful flying Zebras.

Based on a US format, it’s essentially a giant obstacle course through which contenders must race.

If they make it to the end - and fast enough - they’re in the running to be named the ultimate Ninja Warrior. 

And most Aussies seemed to be loving the action-packed show’s shtick. As its first episode played out, social media lit up enthusiastically - and many hilariously so.

Those who had a crack included a former hurdling champion, a retired gymnast, a girl dressed as a bunny rabbit, a bloke wearing a Deadpool suit who’s a part-time stripper and a fellow dressed as Tarzan.
What’s not to love?



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